My Enemy

I peeked at the digital clock on the dresser and cringed. The red numbers were screaming at me.

“You won’t sleep today. 11:07 pm. Muwahahahaha!” The clock was even talking to me. And maniacally laughing at me, too! What the-!!

In the past, 11pm was early for me. Now that I have to wake up at 3am for work, time has been my worst enemy. I don’t really understand the time warp, because last year, five hours of sleep was a gift. Old age caught up with me at 31 years you baby okay baby going okay bye or maybe making nothing laying milk. The coffee now. World did you doing okay cool

I am not crazy. Really. I pretend to be a super mom, and that’s crazy. I know it. But here’s the thing-when your toddler sees you on a phone – they want to have your attention. It’s a major baby rule. So, I play the requested mommy and baby game and the microphone on the cell phone gets tapped. It records snippets of the toddler game at 11:28pm.

I realize the clock talked to me, and I proceeded to spout gibberish and blamed it on the baby. Maybe it’s exhaustion. Time is surely my enemy.


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