Go Potty!

“Go potty! Go potty now!” The tiny timbre of her voice was informative and slowly swimming toward me.

Cracking one eyelid open in her direction, I rolled over and waited two seconds for my Supermom essence to charge just enough to be gentle and loving at 1:30 am. “Okay. Come on, honey!”

We scooted out of the bed as a team and I stumbled toward the door. Supermom essence doesn’t grant me balance and clear vision for midnight potty purposes. My powers appear to be based on the situation. Fortunately, my cell phone lock screen dimly led the way.

My internal pep talk leaked out in a soft whisper as I helped her in the bathroom. “I am so lucky that you go potty at night. You are so close to being potty trained!” That’s it. Keep it positive. “You are so awesome! Wait. Do I have to go potty? I think I do. But …” I trailed off thoughtfully. If I didn’t go now, maybe I would wake up with the alarm easier if I had to pee.  “I’ll wait.”

My two year old looked up at me, cheesing big time. “I did it!” She exclaimed loudly.

I glanced around worriedly, as if I would actually see someone waking up inside of the bathroom with us. Kneeling over to meet her at eye level, I cupped her cheeks in my hands. “You did it.” I agreed, and kissed her eyeball. “Oh, sorry!”

Supermom does it again.


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