Pizza Pounds

I hopped backwards off the scale in horror. “Whoa.” My voice was indignant, surprised.

What the heck? Half of a Tombstone pizza and two Cokes made me gain three pounds overnight? That’s not fair!

Or was it the two cheeseburgers and fries I devoured yesterday in the car?

Could it be the two brownies that forced their way down my throat? Okay, fine. I confess. I was actually assaulted by three of them. They were so big!

Frowning, I walked briskly to the living room and jumped wildly while flailing my arms. My nephew beelined for me and ran under my dangerous leaping legs. He came to a screeching toddler halt as he turned around to repeat his dare-devil antics.

After a number of attacks, I finally nodded and thanked him for his time.

My toe jabbed at the scale to clear the display. “Come on,” I whispered. A smile slid across half of my face. “Hah! Broken or something!” Half a pound less!

Better gain it back with a frappe. Supermom needs her caffeine.


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