My head snapped forward as it was pummeled. “Oww!”

My tummy was pressed into the mattress. I snaked my right arm up and blocked the attack. My words alone weren’t enough to halt it. I trapped the strong little legs and held her still. “Stop!”

She laid without moving until I let go. Turning back to my own pillow, I felt an onslaught of mini feet again. “Ahhhh! That hurts, stop hitting me!”

A twinkly giggle challenged me. This was not good. My arms reached through the kicks to suppress her powerful calves once more. “Baby, stop!” I slowly released her, feeling rather untrusting.

As soon as her weapons were free, they came at me again. “Phapfff”!” I jerked myself backward out of the way. “Don’t hit me anymore or I will take away your iPad!”

The chortling response wasn’t reassuring. I inched back down toward my pillow.


I lurched over her, stealing the iPad. “I warned you!”

She broke out in toddler tears, very convincing. “Gimme back my iPad!” Her little voice wailed, her world ending.

Sighing, I mothered her. “Tell mommy you are sorry for hitting her.”

“I sorry hitting mommy,” she hiccuped.

“Say, ‘I won’t hit mommy anymore.”

She obliged. I sought confirmation of her lesson learned.

“Are you gonna hit mommy anymore?”

She paused. “Yes.”

“What- hey, no!”

She grinned. I melted.


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