Pointing the Finger

Tiny voices roared. I quickly flushed, washed my hands and ran into the room. “What’s going on?” (Because nothing is ever peaceful when a mom pees alone in the bathroom).

Jessica told on her cousins calmly. “They’re arguing.”

I looked at Sally and Sarah. “Why are you arguing?”

Sarah explained, “Jessica is pulling my head backwards, and Sally yelled at her to stop.”

My face crunched up in confusion. “Jessica, why did you say they were arguing when you were the one making trouble?”

She looked at me as if it was obvious. “Because they were arguing over me making trouble.”

The reasoning skills of children are beyond me. I cleared my head with a shake. Maybe I just shouldn’t use the bathroom anymore. It’s the one time of day every kid makes trouble or seeks me out to ask questions or tell on someone else.


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