When Fools Still Dream

My eyes glanced warily around, then scanned my email. All was quiet. I took a small breath. No one yelled, scolded, complained or cried. I sighed in relief. Today might contain a blessed bit of solace.

The Gods looked down upon me and chuckled maniacally. They twitched in morbid anticipation of loading my shoulders with heavier cinderblocks. Their lips curved with impish delight. “That fool,” they said. “Still hopes to see the light. There is no tunnel. Only mayhem!”

I turned my head sharply to the left. Thought I heard something. Was that laughter? Or the wind? Nevermind. Work beckoned; several emails pinged simultaneously. I squinted at them as my heart thudded dully. Another impossible challenge dropped onto my lap.

Looking back at my toddler tiger in bed as she recovered from a persistent fever, I pursed my lips and began to type.