I broke his heart.

I played a dangerous game. I went out with a hopeless romantic when I am an emotionless skeptic. He said he loved me, and I ran for my life.  I believe in love but I lost myself with him.

 He took charge and made decisions. I was no longer independent.  He began to order food and beverages for me without asking and tried to make my usual drink one that he approved. He became agitated with me for not giving him more details about my family in order to impress them with his knowledge. He insisted on pulling my hand and arm over to him as we hung out with my family. He hung all over me and squeezed my shoulders too tightly as we walked. I couldn’t even walk independently.  

He spoke ill of others even when informed I liked them. He only wanted the fancy restaurants. Instead of watching a theatre movie, he wanted to spend the time being physical.  

He wanted to gaze romantically into my eyes but only managed to make me feel uncomfortable with the stare.  He watched me eat like a hawk.   He began telling me he preferred me in my stuffy business clothes instead of changing to go out after work. 

One day, he said I should gain weight in case it would go to my chest. He softly suggested augmentation. He quickly said I was perfect just the way I am, but it was too late.

He began to show jealous tendencies after claiming that he was not a jealous guy. 

He wanted to plan for next year and was disappointed when I admitted that I prefered only to think of next month in terms of our relationship.  

I felt like he was lying about his true self to reel me in. 

I ended it by claiming I value my independence and just couldn’t be in a relationship. The truth is that he is not the right guy for me. 

Now I see him around and can feel him sulking. He carefully avoids me and had admitted he is struggling with not having me anymore. 

Meanwhile, I treasure every moment of freedom.


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